Success Stories

Riverfolk has seen some pretty great successes. We’ve obtained birth certificates and /or Oregon State Identification Cards for nearly 50 men and women, and as a result, have seen people get jobs, housing, veteran’s benefits, and even just a little hope for improving their current circumstances. And although we are not entirely driven by such goals, rather do what e can to show compassion and love, it is gratifying to see some really positive results!

Below are a few success stories. We will hopefully be adding to this page as we continue to serve our less fortunate neighbors.

Tila’s Story

by Mary Docherty

Tila was one of our first ID Replacement Program clients. I realized from our first conversation that she was motivated to change her circumstances. We have become friends over the past several months and little by little she has shared her story with me. She has given me her permission to share it with all of you.

We all go through difficult times but what Tila has been through would bring most of us to our knees. Her strength and determination are an inspiration to me and I hope that by sharing a little of her story it will inspire others.

Tila’s mother died when Tila was 8 and she was adopted by a family who gave her a loving and stable home. She had no concept of how unkind the world could be. She married a man who would later become her abuser.

In 2014, Tila’s daughter, Desiree died of a heroin overdose. As a mother, I cannot begin to imagine the pain that she endured. But that wasn’t the end of her suffering. She found herself homeless due to her abusive ex. All of these ordeals did not break her huge and brilliant spirit.

I met Tila at Riverfolk’s Sunday Brunch at the Astoria Armory and she asked if I could help her get het Oregon ID card. Once she had that ID card in her hand she was unstoppable! She has never considered herself a victim, even with all that she has had to deal with. She is not a victim. This amazing woman is a Warrior! She found a job almost immediately and housing not to long after. I could not possibly be more proud of this beautiful woman!

Tila is starting a new job in sales in a few weeks and desperately needs new clothes to start work. Anyone that is interested in helping her please email me via our Contact Us page, or call me at 503.440.7079.


Tila sells her own jewelry designs online at Tilabella Designs. Show your support by checkin out her work at