ID Replacement Program

Living on the street creates many difficulties. Some of them are pretty obvious, some things we take for granted, become huge problems for some people. One of them is not having identification. And these days, it’s extremely hard to get an ID card if you don’t have ID! And then there are the costs. Without proper identification, it is impossible to apply for a job, rent an apartment, enroll in school, or be able to obtain the many services that are available to help get a person back on their feet.

The most important document to have to be able to get an ID card is a birth certificate. And if a person was born out of state, the only practical way to get one is filling out a form online. So Riverfolk steps in to help. We gather the necessary information from a client, then sit down and figure out how to get a birth certificate from a particular state. We file the application and pay the fee. Once the birth certificate arrives, we arrange to meet the client at the DMV and pay for their new ID. We’ve been able to get IDs for 60 people, just in the last year! And we’ll keep on doing it. It costs from about $45.00 to $65.00, which is not that much money for such an urgently important thing, but to these folks, it’s a small fortune.

If you would like to help us continue this important work, please consider a generous donation. It really will make a drastic difference in someone’s life!

Thanks To Our Generous Sponsors!