CommuniCares Awards Riverfolk

On Thursday, Riverfolk was awarded a generous grant at an awards ceremony at Warrenton High School.

The CommuniCare Program

The Harold & Arlene Schnitzer CARE Foundation believes that there should be an opportunity for young people to create change. The CommuniCare Program provides and environment where young adults will learn about the needs of their community through grant-making and thus thus promote a long-term understanding and ethic of philanthropy and volunteerism. By challenging students to engage in community service that is both rewarding and educational, we hope to encourage them to become active adult citizens in their communities.

Now in its 20th years, students have granted $1,000,000 to support their communities!

Over the past four years, the Warrenton CommuniCare students have been responsible from granting over $42,440 into their community and school.

Riverfolk deeply appreciates the hard work that these students and this program does, and is grateful for their recognition of Riverfolk, help us to provide a helping hand to the less fortunate in our community!