First Annual Riverfolk Benefit Concert

When Mary Docherty shared her vision for Riverfolk, she talked about it with her husband, Scott. He had been involved with producing Winterfolk, a benefit for Sisters of the Road who have been serving the houseless community in Portland, Oregon since the 70s. And Mary wanted to help kickstart her new organization with a similar concert in Astoria. Scott agreed, and having been a touring professional musician for over 40 years, and having run a music venue in Astoria (The Redhare,) he immediately had a bill in mind, including several Redhare alumnus and world-class performers.

They picked the Clatsop County College’s wonderful converted church, Performing Arts Center, and spent months planning, promoting, and gathering sponsors for the big event. It was quite the undertaking, but it served to get the word out pretty effectively! And the show was a huge success. Here is what Scott Docherty posted to Facebook afterward:

Hi there. It’s me.

I had an insanely great weekend, putting on the Riverfolk Benefit Concert in Astoria with my amazing wife, my Mary! I’ve been it a semi-vegetative state today after last night, the culmination of 4 months of nearly full-time attention to this one show. It was a spectacular success, which considering it was the first one, was a miracle! And although I am wiped out, I didn’t want to let today get away without thanking all of those who brought Riverfolk to life …

First, thanks to the inspirational women who started Riverfolk Homeless Coalition to help build bridges between existing organizations and individuals, and help the least fortunate among us – Mary Docherty, Nicole Adamczyk, Hilary Ann Levine, and Liz Bartell. Thanks to their spouses, families, and friends who stepped up in force last night to help make the details work like clockwork!

Thanks to Joe Reed and Martin John Gallagher for coming to our event with a truck full of sound gear and a thousand truckloads of experience, and a million truckloads of heart and generosity! Thanks to our incredible local drum tech god, Dave Gager for providing the killer drums. And thanks to the fabulous community theater and resource, the CCC Performing Arts Center and their wonderful board and staff, Partners for the PAC. And a very special thanks to the King of the PAC, light-man, gatekeeper, and human extraordinaire, Dave Ambrose!

Thanks to all the unbelievably great artists who blew us all away last night – Richard Colombo, Laurie Linn, Jill Trenholm, Virgil Venditto, Jean Mann, Terry Holder, Jerry Holder, Larry Murante, and my immensely talented and patient band, who without any real rehearsal nor having ever played together, pulled off a very fun set and were a huge honor to play with – Michael Wesley Hughes, Dale Turnbull, Jason Moore, and (as pictured here,) my dear friend and legendary drummer, Thom Mooney.

Thanks to our sponsors who helped us pull this thing off so professionally – Astoria Riverwalk Inn, Astoria Coffeehouse & Bistro, The Blue Scorcher Bakery & Cafe, Artichoke Music, Music Millennium, Columbia River Coffee Roaster, and Bentrabbit Audio Productions. Thanks for the help selling raffle tickets: Old Things and Objects, Old Town Framing Company, And Artichoke Music. Special thanks to our beautiful friends Bill Svendsen and Sue Svendsen of the marvelous Peninsula Arts Center for beautifully catering the green room and for being such gigantic supporters of great music!

Thanks to Anna Stamper and The Daily Astorian for the press and advertising love. Carol Newman, our radio goddess and gigantic arts supporter from KMUN 91.9 Coast Community Radio, Red Dwarf Graphx for the awesome sidewalk sign, and everyone who helped spread the word!

We had a few professional photographers in the crowd, so we hope to see photos soon, and I will share them as soon as they come in. Thanks Carolyn Venditto and Elizabeth Campbell for shooting for us!

I regretfully wasn’t able to get recording set up in time, so I am hoping that audio and video will emerge. Please let me know if you see anything out there!

And above everyone, let me thank all of you incredibly generous folks who contributed to the cause, including those who came last night. I very much hope you enjoyed yourselves! I’ll look forward to beginning preparations for next year’s Riverfolk!

That is, as soon as I am able to get out of bed again!

Scott Docherty
June 2016



We are working out the details for a possible September 16, 2017 2nd Annual Riverfolk Benefit. We will hopefully be making an announcement soon. Stay tuned!