1st Annual Riverfolk Benefit Concert

The Event

On June 10, 2016, we held our first annual Riverwalk Benefit Concert in Astoria. It was a magical night, and marked the beginning of Riverfolk the organization. Four months of planning, preparation, and promotion came down to 3 hours of pure joy at the CCC Performing Arts Center! We had a spectacular lineup of performers, generous sponsors, amazing volunteers, and a nearly full house who had a great time. We are hoping to continue this event as an annual concert, the next one is in planning for September 2017. Stay tuned! …..

The Donations

Thanks to our good friends at Music Millennium and Artichoke Music in Portland, we had a raffle worth over $400.00. Artichoke donated a high-end Kala ukulele, and Terry Currier donated a brand new collectible 5 CD Beatles Japan Box. Both went to a very lucky concert goer!

The donations were amazing for this event. In addition to the raffle gifts, we were gifted all of the accommodations for the performers by Chester Trabucco at his first-rate Astoria Riverwalk Inn. We had a completely catered green room by Bill and Sue Svenson of Peninsula Arts Center. The Blue Scorcher provided the kitchen for all the baked goods we sold in the lobby. And Columbia Coffee Roaster donated their popular Thundermuck coffee. Jeff Miller at Red Dwarf Graphx donated the sidewalk sign

One of the biggest donations, and what made this a truly first-rate success, was the sound, including the system and 2 top engineers, Joe Reed and Marty Gallagher. These guys drove their gear and gave their time and considerable talents, all on their own dime.

The Performers

Many performing songwriters from all over the Pacific Northwest and beyond donated their time and talents to make this event a huge success. And many of them were Redhare Gallery alumnus. Richard Colombo, one of the founders of Artichoke Music in Portland was joined by the awesome Laurie Linn. Jill Trenholm along with Virgil Venditto turn in a gorgeous set, Terry and Jerry Holder sand beautifully as always, John Lennon Songwriting Contest winning Larry Murante left the audience stunned. Jean Mann was spectacular. And the evening ended up by the Scott Docherty, the first time Scott has fronted a band in 20 years. The band was made up of some of the greatest musicians around: Tom Mooney, former Nazz and Crystal Gaye drummer; Mike Hughes on Guitars; Dale Turnbull of Bass; Jason Moore on percussion; and Scott Docherty on keyboards and vocals.

The Show

This very special night was photographed by two of my favorite photographers, Carolyn Venditto and Liz Campbell. Below are photos taken by Liz.

See more pics on our Photo Albums page!

Thanks To Our Generous Sponsors!